Slugging wrenches

Features of Slugging Wrenches / Striking Wrenches / Podger Spanners
  • SE Slugging Wrenches / Striking Wrenches have the heaviest construction on the market.
  • Slug Wrenches / Striking Wrenches wall and thickness optimized for heavy impact
  • SE also manufactures castellated wrenches for use on GE turbines. Along with castellated wrench, GE turbine tools like castellated sockets, stack sockets, Striking Wrenches, slug wrenches, podger spanners, slug spanners are also manufactured.
  • Hammer /Hammering Wrenches are available in all metric and inch sizes upto 9 1/4" (230 mm) A/F.>
  • SE also manufactures podger spanners or Podger wrenches (Structured Wrenches).